Monday, 6 February 2017

Things to Remember While Creating a Facebook Password

Facebook password creation is really a vital step to secure your social networking account from the malicious activity. The only thing that a user needs to make sure that he/she need to create a strong password for Facebook. They should keep making modifications to reduce all kind of possibilities to prevent social networking account from getting hacked due to security loopholes on which cybercriminals keep a check upon to grab the opportunity with both hands. With customer care number for Facebook available on web, people still find quite difficult to manage the things when it comes to changing FB password.

Facebook Support Number

Here are the tips to create a Secure Facebook password:

  •          It should not be taken from a dictionary.
  •          Special characters, as well as numeric digits, should be included in your password.
  •         Upper and lower case characters should be used to make password case sensitive.
  •         The length of the Facebook password should be at least 10-15 characters.

How to Create Easy to Remember Facebook Password?

As people know the steps regarding how to reset facebook password, here are certain techniques revealed by FB Inc that can help you to a huge extent for creating a strong password that can be easily remembered:
  •  Make modifications in the existing password by replacing letters with numbers.
  •  Pick a simple sentence that is generally spoken by you and use the first letter of every word as a password.
  • Never opt to use your date of birth and last name in the password as it can be hacked easily.
  • Do not use the same password, which is being used somewhere else.
  •  Always be create and think out of the box within your memory to use those words which a scammer or cybercriminal cannot think of while hacking FB password.

Though these above-mentioned points can be really helpful in remembering the password that has been provided to secure Facebook account, you can also consider these suggestions while looking to change Facebook password on iPhone. The password meter will indicate the strength of new password provided while making a modification of security code. It’s always advised to create a unique password for every Facebook account that has been created as one password should not match the other one. The password needs to be modified on regular basis to keep scammers away from making attempts to compromise the same for conducting malicious activities.

Taking expert advice from helpdesk team can be quite supportive as experts’ advice users; whenever they dial Facebook helpline number for availing quality assistance to secure their account from any kind of malicious activity.

Here's Facebook Toll Free Technical Support Numbers:

+1-888-259-9422 (US/CA)
+44-800-051-3717 (UK)


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