Thursday, 22 June 2017

Is There Any Effective Way to Protect My Privacy on Facebook?

More than billions of people access social media websites every single day of each month in a year to share their thoughts, likes and dislikes, posts, links to websites, articles, photos/videos and much more. Things have become quite easier with the emergence of social media websites, especially Facebook where connections are established quite easier with the known ones after being separated from the school or college days.
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Saturday, 27 May 2017

Easy way to reset Facebook password

If you have no longer access to your Facebook account or someone has changed your password without your knowledge then don’t panic. Here we are providing you with the methods by which you can easily recover your FB password. Just go through these steps for Facebook Password recovery.
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Thursday, 4 May 2017


We are now in the 21st century- The internet dominating world, online dependency is just inevitable. There is a huge growth in the popularity of social networking sites, which has turned out to an invertible goldmine of the information. Particularly, if we talk about Facebook; it is not just a social networking site but an intrinsic part of life.

Talking about its current statics – There are over 1.86 billion monthly active users on Facebook and its growing with fast pace 17% every year. It’s a huge number in itself, isn’t it? Moreover, there are 1.76 billion daily active users, 300 million daily photo uploads and 83 million fake profiles.

People are more likely to share their likes, habits, places they go and also their live location via few of its incredible features.

Have you ever thought that the information you share on Facebook is safe or not? Many of the users don’t consider their social accounts as confidential as their online bank account. Their approach is quite casual, as they have the perception that the information shared is not more than photos, videos, and personal chats.

Saturday, 15 April 2017

Facebook's latest update allows you to ‘Live Track’ your friend’s location for an hour

Facebook is a very popular social media service available worldwide. It can be used to perform a wide range of tasks but is mainly used to interact with family and friends. Several new features are introduced on a regular basis that can be used to make the interaction between the users easier and faster. These are provided in the form of updates.

A latest update termed as “Live Track” has been provided to the users. This new feature has been rolled out in Facebook Messenger where they can live track a user for up to 60 minutes. This is quite different from sharing your location on Facebook. While in the former you could just share your location at an instant,  but in this case; you can track their movement in real time. To get help in using this feature and make the most out of it, dial Facebook Contact Number and get the help of experts to use this feature.

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Unable to create a Facebook page on my Android device! Get it Fixed!!

With more than billions of daily active users, Facebook is becoming one of the most popular social networking platforms all over the globe. It gives many amazing features to its users. The user can also create an FB page for their business as well as for the product or services, he/she offers. By creating an FB fan page, you are offering a chance to the potential users, customers or clients to connect with you. It helps you to engage more traffic to your business or the websites. It is free of cost service, which allows users to promote their business or a product. You just need a Facebook account to create a page. Here, we are providing you the information by which you can easily create a Facebook fan page on your Android device at ease. You just need to follow the steps:

Monday, 20 March 2017

How To Use Facebook Notes?

Facebook notes is a service that is provided to the users by the social media giant. This enables you to post quite long messages which cannot be posted on Facebook. It allows you to add a cover image, format text using different tools, insert images, and various such tasks. You can also choose the person with whom you wish to share your posts. It is an amazing way to share your information with others. Even those messages whose lengths exceed the Facebook post limit can be shared via notes. You can create, edit and delete the Facebook notes any time you like.

Thursday, 16 March 2017

How to Delete your Facebook Account?

Facebook is a very addictive website which is used by the users worldwide. Users use it to remain in touch with their family and friends. Apart from this, it can be used to perform various actions like reading news, gather information about day to day happenings, let the users know about your products or services, and also advertise about your business. In spite of these numerous features, some users may feel the need to delete their Facebook account.

Monday, 6 February 2017

Things to Remember While Creating a Facebook Password

Facebook password creation is really a vital step to secure your social networking account from the malicious activity. The only thing that a user needs to make sure that he/she need to create a strong password for Facebook. They should keep making modifications to reduce all kind of possibilities to prevent social networking account from getting hacked due to security loopholes on which cybercriminals keep a check upon to grab the opportunity with both hands. With customer care number for Facebook available on web, people still find quite difficult to manage the things when it comes to changing FB password.