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How To Use Facebook Notes?

Facebook notes is a service that is provided to the users by the social media giant. This enables you to post quite long messages which cannot be posted on Facebook. It allows you to add a cover image, format text using different tools, insert images, and various such tasks. You can also choose the person with whom you wish to share your posts. It is an amazing way to share your information with others. Even those messages whose lengths exceed the Facebook post limit can be shared via notes. You can create, edit and delete the Facebook notes any time you like.

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Facebook Notes

How to enable Facebook notes feature?

There are several amazing ways in which you can use Facebook notes. But for this, you need to enable the Facebook notes feature. For this, you just need to login to your Facebook account with the help of a web browser. Then just open the Facebook website and log in to your account. Visit your profile page, and click on the “More” option in the horizontal menu beneath your image. Click on the Manage sections option. After having done so, scroll below and make sure that the notes option is ticked. Now, you can choose the option to manage and create notes.

How to create a Facebook note?

It is quite simple and easy to create a Facebook note. For this, you just need to click on the Add note button. Then an editor opens where you can enter the text and images into your note. Enter an appropriate and eye-catching title. You can also add a header image. The images can be selected either from the existing images or by uploading a new image. Format the note in the way you wish to by using certain formatting options available. Now, after successfully creating the note, you can choose the option to publish it. You can set different publish option where you can set the users who can view your note. This can be set to public, friends, friends of friends, or custom. The users can now choose the option to like share and comment on the notes and will appear in the Newsfeed of the users.

How to edit a Facebook note?

The option to edit a Facebook note after being posted is also available. For this, you just need to click on the posted note and then click on the option “Edit Note”. Then after having made appropriate changes, you can choose the option to publish the updated note again.

How to delete a Facebook note?

If you feel that the Facebook note you have published has served its purpose, you can choose the option to delete it. For this, go to the notes section and choose the edit note option. Then browse to the bottom of the page and choose the option to delete it and confirm the deletion process.
The above steps provide guidance into the ways to use Facebook notes. In the case of any problems with your Facebook note or any of its features, give a call on Facebook Customer Support Number 1-888-259-9422 and get your problem fixed instantly by the experts.

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