Thursday, 22 June 2017

Is There Any Effective Way to Protect My Privacy on Facebook?

More than billions of people access social media websites every single day of each month in a year to share their thoughts, likes and dislikes, posts, links to websites, articles, photos/videos and much more. Things have become quite easier with the emergence of social media websites, especially Facebook where connections are established quite easier with the known ones after being separated from the school or college days.
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Though we are fond of sharing our personal details on Facebook and thinking that it is not being leaked somewhere else, then this time you are completely wrong. Facebook also share your personal details with its partner as well as other third party websites with whom it has collaborations with. It also keeps a regular track of our personal activities that are no be considered as protected as these details are also being shared on FB.

According to the survey, the vast data has been created by us who share the personal details voluntarily and in order to make our FB profile look heavily loaded for creating a sound impression on others. But its downside is that these details, including our internet browsing habits, are being revealed to Facebook by us only that can be used against us at any point of time. The advertisers, marketers, as well as scammers, are not much far from using our personal details and attempt malicious activities with the help of information provided by us.

Contacting Facebook Help Center Number can be quite helpful, but sometimes it proves to be time-consuming as millions of people place a request to certified engineers available online for offering comprehensive security to the private details shared on FB.

It would be great if certain tips are applied from your end to protect your Privacy details provided on Facebook.

  •  Keep a check on any of the photos you have been tagged in. If it is, just go to the options and click ‘remove/report tag
  • Limit your privacy details to just the people known to you. Just navigate through to the gear icon and click on Settings > Privacy > and then select just ‘friends’ corresponding to the option “who can see my stuff”.
  •  Do not add unknown people sending a friends request and also avoid sending requests to people whom you are not aware of. Just click on the gear icon and navigate your mouse down to settings Click the same and go to the Privacy section after following certain steps. You will find the option “ Who can contact me”. The default option seen is “Friends of Friend ”. Click on it and under the option “Who can look me up? ”, Select Friends to attain maximum security
  •  Maintain a privacy check on older posts by making necessary changes upon navigating to the option “ Activity Logs” to review all the posts or comments where you have been tagged. Remove tag of yours by placing the request in order to prevent your privacy details from being viewed by unknown people.

·         Go to the timeline and tagging and enable the settings to prevent your post from getting reflected on the timeline before you do the review.

These steps can be really helpful to maintain your private details secure on Facebook. Waiting for the Facebook support team for immediate assistance is of no use as it consumes a lot of time. With no official Facebook Helpline Number available on the web, it would be a bigger problem if you keep waiting for the experts to help you protect your privacy. The above-mentioned tips if formulated properly can help you a great deal in preventing the personal details from getting leaked

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